A project led by Kira Kirk ‘18 in Spring 2016 led to the addition of six egg-laying hens to the Sprout Garden. The Garden Managers, and dedicated “chicken tenders” from Shain Library, care for the chickens and collect the eggs.

The chickens' bios were written by the 2018 Summer Garden Managers, Venezio Terranova ‘20, and Jada Fitzpatrick ‘20.

Daphne, a White Rock chicken, resides in the Sprout! Garden

"Daphne" - White Rock

Daphne is America’s sweetheart. She is the most happy-go-lucky chicken in town! When she isn’t enjoying a nice dirt bath, you can probably find Daphne at the beach, prancing around clumsily and perhaps grabbing a bite to eat from the local picnic basket or ice cooler.

Beyonce, a Jersey Giant chicken, resides in the Sprout! Garden

"Beyonce" - Jersey Giant

Just like the woman she is named after, Beyonce is a true fashion icon. In her spare time she enjoys strutting around in the sunlight to show off her beautiful iridescent blue feathers and plotting her escape from the chicken coop.

Kira, a Rhode Island Red chicken, resides in the Sprout! Garden

"Kira" - Rhode Island Red

Kira is a loner. The other chickens often bother her because of her quiet demeanor and introvert tendencies. On a typical visit to the coop, you can find Kira guarding eggs that will never hatch, and sitting in corners darker than the depths of her soul.

Ethel, a Barred Rock chicken, resides in the Sprout! Garden

"Ethel" - Barred Rock

Ethel is THE Queen. Spa days, hair appointments, luxury vacations, if its boujee, Ethel loves it. Ethel enjoys making whoever has to put her in the coop chase her around the garden, sashaying into the coop by herself after giving her caretakers a hard time, standing on her tree stump throne, and reminding others not to touch those pretty speckled feathers of hers.

Chief, a Rhode Island Red chicken resides in the Sprout! Garden

"Chief" - Rhode Island Red

Chief often feels out of place being among a group of characters. The most regular chicken of all, Chief longs to find something about herself that makes her as memorable as her coop-mates. When she’s not doing normal boring chicken things, you can find Chief staring longingly at the clovers on the other side of the fence.

Penny, a White Leghorn chicken, resides in the Sprout! Garden.

"Penny" - White Leghorn

If Penny had a Disney equivalent, she would best be described as a cross between Yzma and Cruella DeVille. In fact, she was unanimously voted “Most Likely to Be Eaten” by the other chickens. She enjoys pecking the feet of unsuspecting visitors and haughtily puffing up her feathers as a sign of dominance. Penny is THAT chick.