The Sustainability Revolving Fund has been established to support Connecticut College’s commitment to holistic sustainability, defined as a framework by which long-lasting solutions to local and global challenges are developed through understanding the connections among social equity, environmental stewardship, and economic well-being and including all three within all decision-making and strategic planning processes.

The SRF is intended to empower all members of the community to contribute their ideas and energy to enhance the College’s commitment to holistic sustainability. Equally important, the process of project creation and implementation is intended to provide valuable educational opportunities for students, in line with the mission of the College to put the liberal arts into action. College revolving funds are viewed as a key step towards fostering a campus culture that ensures all members are supportive of the community’s sustainability goals.

The SRF will be run by the Sustainable Revolving Fund Committee, which will review the proposals for projects that have a calculable simple payback of five (5) years or less. A simple payback is calculated by dividing the estimated total cost of the project by its annual savings. After a project has paid for itself, the annual savings that the project will continue to generate will be given to the College’s general operating fund.

We encourage all members of Connecticut College to think about how the objectives of sustainability can be achieved through the Sustainability Revolving Fund and to share those ideas with us!

Already have an idea? Submit your ideas to the Sustainability Revolving Fund Committee through this Google Form.