To help spark the creative minds of our campus, below will follow a list of projects that have been completed through the Sustainability Revolving Fund. 

Pilot Project Name: Luce Fieldhouse Rubber and Wooden Courts Lighting Upgrades

Description: Over Spring Break in 2016, old, energy-intensive light fixtures were replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures above the rubber and wooden courts in the Luce Fieldhouse. The new light fixtures will eliminate the maintenance of replacing broken bulbs and fixtures and will significantly decrease electricity costs. Due to the large increase in energy efficiency by installing LED fixtures, the College received a rebate on the costs of the project from our utility, Eversource.

Project Statistics:
Total Cost (Materials+Labor): $43,695.46
Rebate from Utility: $17,478
Adjusted Total Cost (Total Cost - Rebate): $26,217.46
Estimated Annual Savings from Energy Efficiency: $12,586.65
Simple Payback (Total Adjusted Cost/Annual Savings): 2.08 years

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