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The Experience, Julia Kaback '18

Hometown: New York City, New York
Major: American Studies, Politics, Society, and Policy
Minor: Dance
Activities: Senior Admissions Fellow, Hillel House, Tennis Club

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Favorite aspect of Connecticut College:
Opportunities! I completed my funded internship at a nonprofit with an alumna of the College but also took part in a semester abroad. I have received mentoring and education from outstanding professors, and staff who will always have your best interest in mind. At Conn, the opportunities are endless and sometimes they hide in the most unlikely places. 

Favorite memory at Connecticut College:
During my first week back on campus after going abroad, I camped out in Harris Refectory (the largest dining hall on campus) with challah bread on Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest) and recruited students to join our Hillel chapter. My friend joined me later in the evening and between the two of us, we probably ate more challah than we actually gave away. It was a very delicious evening, to say the least!

Favorite activity in New London or the region:
If eating counts as an activity, I'd be happy to be the champion. Going to the Oyster Club in Mystic on a Saturday night, and diving into a bowl of clam chowder. It’s simply perfect.

The Funded Internship

- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

I’m getting ready to go abroad. Just today (Friday, November 18), I applied for a visa to live and study in Israel for four months next semester. Following my trip to the Israeli Consulate, my mom and I ventured to Aroma, our favorite Israeli coffee chain in New York City and sipped on a cappuccino for her and an iced chai latte for me. When we sat down, my mom asked me about my plans for my summer internship and if I had thought about remaining in Israel over the summer. This is where I drew a blank, and told my mom, the news most parents struggle to hear, “I don’t have plans BUT... I do have a few ideas. Don’t worry, I’ve got the funding from Conn secured and will start gathering ideas over Thanksgiving.”
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Podcast with Nina Flagg

- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

I came to college having taken one dance class at 4 years old. Since then, I have avoided dance classes—but when I came to Conn, a lightbulb went off! My first year seminar, Embodied Resistance, was rooted in dance and I have been officially hooked on dance classes since. My experience with that course motivated me to take four dance classes at Conn. Unlike previous semesters that were filled with modern and West African dance, this semester I am taking a hip-hop class. Hip-hop is not just a form of dance—it’s a culture.

Nina Flagg is loud, excited, passionate, expressive and has great taste in music. She is also a faculty member at Connecticut College, and I am excited to say that I had the opportunity to sit down with her for a one-on-one interview. Nina Flagg has inspired me, and I am excited to share our podcast with you! 

Pivot? A review of the Dance Club’s Spring Show

- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

A student performance from "Pivot"

As a recently declared dance minor, I have decided that watching dance is a lot more fun when your friends are a part of the show. Why put your feet through the pain when you can sit back, relax and appreciate your peers put on a beautiful dance show?

On Friday, Feb. 26, I went to see “Pivot," The Dance Club’s production. Why was the show titled “Pivot”? In dance, we pivot when maneuvering our bodies to move elsewhere on the dance floor, as a way of transferring weight. 

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My Stars Hollow

- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

My first visit to Israel was in December 2015. My mom and I took this picture on the beach in Tel Aviv.

Over Thanksgiving break, I spent some time at home and decided to binge-watch a Netflix series. With my busy schedule at school, watching television can be rather tricky. Since it was a holiday weekend, I decided to treat myself to a quiet night in with the “Gilmore Girls," a tv classic from the early 2000s . As I watched the show, I found myself drawn to the character Rory, played by Alexis Bledel. Rory sees the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the setting of the show, as her home. Even with her crazy schedule, she always finds herself returning to Stars Hollow, Connecticut. On that night in particular, I found myself in a position quite similar to Rory’s: I am in a period of transition. A place in Connecticut has also come to be my home and I am getting ready to leave this place in three weeks for my semester abroad in Israel.

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Loss, and what grief means for a college student

- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

I remember where I was when my Grandma died, but not how I grieved. I was young at the time and struggled to understand what it meant to grieve. Death is part of life and learning to accept that aspect of human experience is a lifelong journey. College is a place to learn, so I decided I would explore the concept of grief at Conn, a safe place. It’s also a place where those who ask for help will receive it. 

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- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

Taking a cue from a friend, well actually many friends, I decided to take Introduction to Improvisation this semester. The class is instructed by Visiting Professor of Dance Shura Baryshnikov from Brown University and, so far, it has been one of the most challenging dance classes I’ve taken in my time at Conn. It may well be the hardest because it has pushed me to think about my relationship with touch, but also the Earth.

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What Happens at Department Support, Stays in Department Support

- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

"Art in the making"

This is a secret I’ve been hiding for an hour. I'm sitting in my room now, after watching David Dorfman Dance rehearse new material. It's super top secret, but I can reveal one thing: It’s awesome! Since declaring as a dance minor in March, I’ve been spending a lot more time in the dance studios and with the faculty, while I complete my department support. Today, I got to watch the company and take photos of them for their social media page. What I saw was art in the making, an unfinished piece.

When I start summer break, I will miss running up the stairs to the Dance Department. It feels like home and the wicker chairs in the office will not be the cushions for creative discussions of work in the company. I have found my support at Conn, and can’t wait to see what the rest of my department support will look like in the fall!

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Baba Ghanoush, Hummus, Falafel, Oy Vey

- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

Food from the Jerusalem Food Tour.

On April 19, the Connecticut College Hillel and Yalla Bina, the Arabic Language and Culture Club at the College, hosted the most delicious event on campus: The Jerusalem Food Tour. Because I recognize my own bias (I salivate if something is covered in tahini), I did not expect to see many people at the event. However, when I arrived at Cro, I was surprised. The room was like a falafel in pita—stuffed.

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'Shabbat Shalom' in an Unorthodox Way

- The Experience, Julia Kaback '18 

President Bergeron celebrating Shabbat with students at Hillel. (Photo credit: Simon Luxemburg/CC Hillel)

Everyone in the Jewish faith has his or her way of ringing in the Sabbath. At Connecticut College Hillel, we try our best to accommodate everyone and their respective traditions. That said, on April 1, our Hillel group was invited to celebrate the Sabbath with President Bergeron. We dined, wined (using Kosher wine), sang, and ate so much that some of my friends and I joked about moving into the president’s house. Why is there no alternative housing option for such?

After completing a crazy busy week at Hillel, we craved the Sabbath dinner and its luxurious flavors. The salmon, sesame noodles, green beans and sweet potatoes were delicious, but did not compare to the cake that followed the meal.

Simon Luxemburg, president of Connecticut College Hillel said, “The purpose of the dinner was to celebrate Shabbat with community and delicious food.”

I couldn’t have said it better—Shabbat Shalom!  


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