Lexi and her group of five friends pose for a photo in the dance studio during their class
My group for our upcoming hip-hop performance!

I was excited to start my sophomore year, particularly academically. I thought I had it all figured out. I had begun to discover my passion for psychology and philosophy and planned on taking one philosophy course. But at the last minute, I decided to take two. I emailed Simon Feldman, my Introduction to Philosophy professor, and he encouraged me to join his Philosophy of Law course. I was excited, believing I was checking another box and that philosophy could become my minor.

As the first week of classes progressed, the material wasn’t clicking with me. This surprised me, but I found the material in my psychology classes much more inspiring. I began to realize I did not actually want to minor in philosophy. I also realized there was no rush to discover my minor quite yet. As the add/drop period to switch classes was approaching, I met with my adviser, Jillian Marshall, to ask her opinion. She asked me if I could think of some classes that did interest me. I pulled out my laptop and opened up list of requirements for a psychology major on the Conn website. I rattled off a few of the class names, but professor Marshall suggested I try something different that I found fun, fearing the workload would be too much since I was already taking two psychology courses. As we discussed some more options both in psychology and human development, I mentioned how last year I had wanted to take a dance class and that some of my friends were taking a hip-hop class this semester. Professor Marshall asked when the class met and I found that it met during a time that did not interfere with my other classes. She told me to take it. I was hesitant. I was so focused on my major requirements and feared that taking a class for fun would be a waste of time. I found myself thinking of my role as a student adviser and how I am constantly encouraging my advisees to take classes they think sound interesting and that requirements will fall into place. But I decided to follow my adviser’s and my own advice and go for it.

Sometimes it’s hard not to get wrapped up in thinking you have to have it all figured out. Some of my friends have classes through their senior year planned out. But the point of being here at Conn and immersing myself into the Connections curriculum is so I can take classes that truly excite me, be pushed to discover new interests and then have the ability to tie all my passions together.

Hip-hop has turned out to be the highlight of most of my weeks. It’s a class I look forward to and also a class that pushes me outside my comfort zone. We learn new moves and combinations, working towards performances that we partake in every few weeks. I haven’t taken a dance class since I was 3 years old, and I by no means have a natural talent (especially in comparison to the dance majors in my class). But regardless, this class has taught me more than dance. It has shown me that sometimes taking a class out of pure interest can be the best choice.