Our English curriculum covers the globe and the centuries: everything from medieval Anglo-Saxon epics to 21st-century African novels. We sharpen minds and unleash imaginations. By reading a wide range of texts critically and imaginatively, you develop writing, thinking and speaking skills that will serve you throughout your life and in any line of work. Our courses examine works of literature and other media in their most important contexts: historical, cultural, linguistic, socio-political and philosophical. You also have the opportunity to study abroad in one of many countries, including England, Scotland, Ireland, India, Italy, Denmark and New Zealand, and we welcome double majors.

Special opportunities

You may additionally choose to concentrate in creative writing or the study of race and ethnicity. We also offer a wide array of interdisciplinary courses that combine literature with environmental studies, film, gender and women's studies, history, linguistics, music, Slavic studies and other fields of interest. In recent years, students have had an opportunity to interact with outstanding visiting artists like Art Spiegelman, David Sedaris, Jhumpa Lahiri, Junot Díaz and Dinaw Mengestu.

After Connecticut College

As an English major, you have a wide range of career opportunities because the creative and analytical skills you acquire are transportable and adaptable. Our majors become physicians, choreographers and Hollywood show runners, as well as writers, teachers and lawyers. In graduate school, they go on to study everything from public health, international relations and business to creative writing, education and law. Whatever your interests, you gain an understanding of human culture and the skills that empower you to succeed in a competitive world.