Our Program

While other colleges offer career services, we offer a distinct alternative. Connecticut College’s Office of Career and Professional Development offers a four-year program that combines one-on-one advising, contact sessions beginning your first year, and practical workshops with assistance in planning coursework and extracurricular pursuits. This program is an integral part of the Connecticut College experience, complementing the academic rigor inside the classroom.

This approach gets results. One year after graduation, 96 percent of Connecticut College alumni report that they are employed or in graduate school.

4 years of integrated career preparation
80% of students participate in our career program
$3,000 for a career related internship or research experience
96% of alumni employed or in graduate school one year after graduation

Funded internships

The highlight of Connecticut College’s career program is a funded internship. As a student, you are eligible for up to $3,000 for an internship or research experience of your dreams. And when we say dream internship, Connecticut College students dream big. Swimming with dolphins? Done that. Working at Google and MTV? Been there. Conducting biomedical research at a top hospital? Check! 

We are one of only a handful of colleges in the country that offer the opportunity of a funded internship to all students. Each year, nearly 80 percent of students take us up on the offer. Check out some recent internships.


After graduation 

Career services do not end at graduation. Advisers regularly meet or Skype with graduates, advising them during employment searches. Career advisers connect graduates to the vast alumni network, where successful alumni offer further insight on career advancement and critical networking support. As a member of this exclusive Connecticut College community, you have access to the advice and support of our network of 27,000 alumni.

Our alumni are innovators and leaders across disciplines and across the globe. About half of Connecticut College graduates earn advanced degrees, including PhDs, MDs, JDs and MBAs, within 10 years of graduation.

Employers hiring our most recent graduates include Amazon.com, Bloomberg, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, JPMorgan Chase, Massachusetts General Hospital, Morgan Stanley, Polo Ralph Lauren, Scholastic and many more.

90% of recent alumni said our career program helped them find their jobs
50% of alumni earn graduate degrees within 10 years of graduation