Majoring in Hispanic Studies

Hispanic Studies Certificate


Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Major in Hispanic studies and you learn to participate in and better understand this global community. You not only master the language, you acquire a broad understanding of the cultures of Spain, Latin America and Hispanics in the United States. We also offer an interdisciplinary major focusing on Latin American studies. Your learning is integrated with outreach, with a particular focus on the life of Hispanic communities locally and abroad. You take field trips to schools, an immigration law firm, a hospital, a prison, social services agencies and the superior court. You also have an opportunity to volunteer locally through a program called Proyecto Comunidad.

International opportunities and study abroad

You can go abroad through the College's own Study Away Teach Away (SATA) program or through study-abroad programs offered by other universities. Some Hispanic studies and Latin American studies courses take short trips at the College's expense to Spain, Peru or the U.S.-Mexico border. On campus, you can practice your conversational Spanish with friends at the Knowlton international dining hall. Knowlton Language House is a popular housing option for students who want to immerse themselves in another culture.

Personalized learning

Faculty are committed to guiding you toward your academic and professional objectives. Hispanic studies opens doors to a range of opportunities that require critical analysis and problem-solving skills. You'll have a competitive edge for jobs in education, business, government, social work, health care, law, media, travel and other fields.

What can you do with a majorcertificate in Hispanic Studies?

Here are some of the positions our graduates have gone on to hold:

  • President, La Luna Films
  • Federal Security Director, U.S. Transportation Security Administration
  • Box Office Manager, D.C. United Major League Soccer
  • Customer Service – Central and South America, Cooper-Atkins Corp.
  • Account Executive for Sales, IBM
  • Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA at CitySeed
  • Equity Sales, BTG Portugal
  • Director, City of Madison Department of Civil Rights
  • Market and User Research, TiVo
  • Managing Partner, Sofos International
  • Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, Beloit College
  • Director of Reservations, Inventory and Distribution, Marriott International Inc.
  • Spanish Teacher, Medfield High School
  • Account Planner, Google Inc.
  • Professor of Literature, Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • Director of Mercosur Affairs, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
  • Attorney, Harlem Legal Services
  • Marketing Manager, Unilever Inc.
  • Director of Edutravel, Center for Cross-Cultural Study
  • Head of Bilingual Education, New London Department of Education


Luis M. González, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Luis M. González, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
Contemporary peninsular literature • Spanish film studies • Spanish cultural studies • Culture and ideology

Frank Graziano, John D. MacArthur Professor of Hispanic Studies

Frank Graziano, John D. MacArthur Professor of Hispanic Studies  (On sabbatical 2014-2015 academic year)
Spanish American cultures • Popular Catholicism in Spanish America • Undocumented migration

Aida Heredia, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Aida Heredia, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
Latin American literature and culture • Caribbean literature and culture • Critical theory

Julia A. Kushigian, Hanna Hafkesbrink Professor of Hispanic Studies, Hispanic Studies Department Chair 2014-2015

Julia A. Kushigian, Hanna Hafkesbrink Professor of Hispanic Studies, Hispanic Studies Department Chair 2014-2015
Gender, Culture and Race Studies in Spanish America • Orientalism in the Hispanic tradition

Jennifer L. Rudolph, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies

Jennifer L. Rudolph, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies
Latino cultural studies • Critical race theory • Masculinity theory

Student profile

Annie Mitchell Annie Mitchell

Hispanic studies, economics

Q: Why Connecticut College?
A: I knew I wanted a small school. I was interested in being at a college where I would see familiar faces everywhere I went and feel like I really belonged. I also knew that Conn had a very reputable study abroad program and internship program. Conn was essentially my first-choice school right from the beginning.

Q: Did you study abroad?
A: I did my college-funded internship in Madrid this past summer. Being in Madrid was the single best thing that I've ever worked for in my life. I opted to be totally independent and find my own apartment by myself in the heart of the city. I worked full time in the business and customer development department of a company called Campofrio Food Group.

Q: What role has the College's career development and funded internship program (CELS) played for you?
A: Without CELS, my time in Madrid would have never been possible. Through the funded internship program and a scholarship, I was able to completely pay for my time in Spain. CELS also taught me so much about interviews, professional communication etiquette and editing my resume.

Selected courses

  • Latino Writers in the U.S.
  • Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean
  • Contemporary Spanish Cinema
  • Religion and Violence in Latin America
  • Youth in Spanish America
  • Contemporary Spanish Women Writers
  • Masterworks of Spanish Theater
  • U.S. Latino Urban Youth Narratives


Student research


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