Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. Major in Hispanic studies and you learn to participate in and better understand this global community. You not only master the language, you acquire a broad understanding of the cultures of Spain, Latin America and Hispanics in the United States. We also offer an interdisciplinary major focusing on Latin American studies. Your learning is integrated with outreach, with a particular focus on the life of Hispanic communities locally and abroad. You take field trips to schools, an immigration law firm, a hospital, a prison, social services agencies and the superior court. You also have an opportunity to volunteer locally through a program called Proyecto Comunidad.

International opportunities and study abroad

You can go abroad through the College's own Study Away Teach Away (SATA) program or through study-abroad programs offered by other universities. Some Hispanic studies and Latin American studies courses take short trips at the College's expense to Spain, Peru or the U.S.-Mexico border. On campus, you can practice your conversational Spanish with friends at the Knowlton international dining hall. Knowlton Language House is a popular housing option for students who want to immerse themselves in another culture.

Personalized learning

Faculty are committed to guiding you toward your academic and professional objectives. Hispanic studies opens doors to a range of opportunities that require critical analysis and problem-solving skills. You'll have a competitive edge for jobs in education, business, government, social work, health care, law, media, travel and other fields.