You will have the constant attention of our faculty as a Chinese or Japanese major, from our rigorous year-long elementary courses to the cultural immersion of study abroad. And if you are highly motivated, you'll have the close supervision of a thesis adviser in your senior year.

You will deepen your study of Chinese or Japanese through courses in language, history, government, cinema, music and art, and be immersed in a language-intensive environment from the moment you set foot on campus. Practice your language in the classroom or language lab or over meals at our foreign language tables in Knowlton House residence hall's international dining room.

Here is a sampling of Chinese courses:

  • Intensive Elementary Chinese
  • Intensive Intermediate Chinese
  • Introduction to Classical Chinese
  • Advanced Chinese: Topics on Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
  • Peripheries and Differences: Re-Imagining Contemporary China
  • Fiction and Film in Modern China
  • Chinese Poetry

Here is a sampling of Japanese courses:

  • Intensive Elementary Japanese
  • Intensive Intermediate Japanese
  • Advanced Japanese Spoken and Narrative
  • Afterlives and Apocalypses: Post-war Japanese Cinema

Visit the College Catalog for East Asian Studies major requirements and a full list of courses.