While other colleges have traditional career services offices, Connecticut College’s Career Enhancing Life Skills — CELS — is different. CELS provides a four-year program through which students plan coursework and activities, culminating in a search for a career-related, College-funded internship and assistance for seniors embarking on job searches, fellowships and graduate school applications. If you are a transfer student, we will customize your program to maximize the time you have at Connecticut College. 

Career and professional development from the start

As a student at Connecticut College, your career preparation begins the first week you arrive on campus. During Orientation, first-year and transfer students identify their interests and then find the academic pursuits, campus organizations and leadership opportunities that will help develop skills matching those interests. By immediately starting to think about what you want to do after college, you can tailor your liberal arts experience to your goals.

Four years of comprehensive career programming

This focus on preparing for what comes next continues throughout your Connecticut College experience. CELS offers four years of workshops and personal advising — as well as a funded internship — to help you leverage the value of your liberal arts education.

"The advisers gave me wonderful personal attention, challenging me and helping to erase any shyness I had about my abilities. My academic mentors were so supportive as well, and by the time I finished my funded internship and began my career search, I was confident and very prepared and landed a job that I love." — Noelle Surprise '14

The CELS program isn't just about helping you find your first job. We're here to help you pinpoint and develop the skills you will need to build a satisfying career over the course of your professional life. That's why we call it Career Enhancing Life Skills.

Elements of the CELS program

Starting with your Orientation session and continuing throughout your time at the College, you will participate in seven workshops focused on self-assessment and the development of career-related skills. Sessions cover important information such as academic planning, personality type and careers, resumé and cover letter creation, professional communication, interviewing, and more.

These sessions are paired with intensive one-on-one advising with your CELS adviser. For most students — 88 percent since 2008 — the CELS program culminates in a College-funded internship with a $3,000 educational award, conducted between the junior and senior years.

In your senior year, you will work with your CELS adviser to create a personalized career action plan. CELS will provide you with job-search assistance, facilitate networking with alumni and corporate recruiters, and advise on graduate and professional school applications. 

Have additional questions? Try our CELS FAQ.