Carmela Patton

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Mailbox: Fanning Hall
Office: 206 Fanning Hall
Phone: (860) 439-2050
Fax: (860) 439-5067

Carmela Patton, Assistant Dean of Studies/Dean of Sophomores, International Student Adviser

Assistant Dean of Studies/Dean of Sophomores
International Student Adviser

Joined Connecticut College: 2003

laurea degree summa cum laude, University of Bari, Italy
M.A., University of Connecticut

• Italian language and culture

Carmela Patton earned a laurea degree summa cum laude from the University of Bari, Italy, in Modern Languages. Her thesis on historic linguistics examined the morphology of Old-English verbs in the Anglo-Saxon gospels. In 2007 she received a Master's degree in Italian Studies from the University of Connecticut.

She has taught numerous Italian language classes at the University of Connecticut and at Connecticut College.

As Assistant Dean of Studies/Dean of Sophomores, Patton is responsible for working directly with sophomore students and for developing programming that will help sophomores strengthen their connections with the College while helping them prepare to select a major, apply to the College's academic centers and move successfully into their upper class years.

As International Student Adviser, Carmela Patton gives guidance with visa, transportation, finance, employment, healthcare, housing, and other situations unique to international students. The international student adviser works actively with faculty concerning progress or difficulties for students adjusting to a new academic setting and cultural environment. She also serves as the faculty adviser to ATLAS, the international students' club, new student orientation programs and the international student handbook.

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