Darryl Phillips

Associate Professor of Classics
Chair of the Classics Department

Joined Connecticut College: 2014

A.B., Stanford University
Ph.D., Duke University


Ancient Greek and Roman history

Latin literature of the late Republic and Augustan age

Roman topography

Darryl Phillips' research and teaching interests have always been interdisciplinary, encompassing history, law, religion, art and architecture, and topography. Though not limited to one approach or one type of evidence, his work is nevertheless united by a common focus — Roman culture and history of the late Republic and early Principate. His approach to the period is to privilege continuity over change while considering cultural practices in their topographical and historical contexts.

He is currently working on a book-length philological and historical commentary on the 2nd century A.D. Roman biographer Suetonius' Life of Augustus, under contract with Oxford University Press. The book will be part of the new book series Oxford Greek and Latin College Commentaries. A second project examines the function of Agrippa's Pantheon in Rome, on which he presented his preliminary ideas at a 2014 conference in Spain.  

At Connecticut College, Phillips will teach courses in Latin and Greek language and literature, as well as Classics courses on such topics as "The Roman Family" and "Greek Civilization."

Recent publications

"Reading the Civic Landscape of Augustan Rome: Aeneid 1.421-429 and the Building Program of Augustus." In A. Kemezis, ed. Urban Dreams and Realities in Antiquity: Remains and Representations of the Ancient City. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers. (Forthcoming 2014)

"Potestas and Auctoritas: Augustus and Elections 27-17 B.C." In C. Deroux, ed., Collection Latomus, Studies in Latin Literature and Roman History 16 (2012) 134-150.

"The Temple of Divus Iulius and the Restoration of Legislative Assemblies under Augustus." Phoenix 65 (2011) 371-388.

Other articles have been published in the journals Historia, Vergilius, Syllecta Classica, Ancient History Bulletin, and Annals of Anatomy.

Recent presentations

"The Senate and Agrippa’s Pantheon." 17th Annual Mediterranean Studies Association Congress, Marbella, Spain. May 2014.

"Reading the Civic Landscape of Augustan Rome." Urban Dreams and Realities: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the City in Ancient Cultures, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. October 2011.

Phillips is a member of the Society for Classics Studies (SCS/APA), Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) and Mediterranean Studies Association. He serves on the editorial board of the journal Mediterranean Studies.

Before joining the faculty of Connecticut College, Phillips served for 16 years on the faculty at the College of Charleston where he served for five years as Chair of the Department of Classics, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian and a term as Speaker of the Faculty. Recently, he worked on the commission that developed the first Diversity Strategic Plan for the College of Charleston and served on the Campus Climate Study Committee that completed the first comprehensive survey of the college's living, learning and working environment.

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