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John Qunjian Tian, Associate Professor of Government and International Relations

Associate Professor of Government and International Relations

Joined Connecticut College: 2000

B.A., M.A., Nanjing University
M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University

• Chinese political economy • East Asian political economy • International political economy • Comparative political economy and politics

John Tian's research and publications cover a broad range, including the political economy of economic interactions across the Taiwan Strait, China’s regional development policies, the emerging new politics of inequality in China, and China’s integration with the world economy and the potential impact on Chinese economy and society, especially on Chinese agriculture and rural institutions of governance.

Reflecting his wide-range research interests, Professor Tian has published a book Government, Business, and the Politics of Interdependence and Conflict across the Taiwan Strait, (Palgrave-Macmillan), several peer-reviewed articles in the Journal of Contemporary ChinaCanadian Journal of Development Studies and Issues & Studies and book chapters. He has also presented numerous scholarly papers at international, national and regional conferences.

Most recently, Professor Tian published a chapter "WTO and Chinese Agriculture: Challenges and Institutional Change" in Guang Lei et al. eds. The State of Rural China: Peasants, Agriculture and Rural Society in the Reform Era, Hong Kong: Tidetime Publishing Limited, 2006.

Professor Tian taught at various prestigious universities and colleges including Nanjing University in China, Cornell University, Sarah Lawrence College before he joined Connecticut College in 2000.

Professor Tian has also served on the Education Planning Committee and other committees at Connecticut College.

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