Nina K. Martin

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Office: 304 Blaustein Humanities
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Nina K. Martin, Associate Professor of Film Studies, Director of the Film Studies Program

Associate Professor of Film Studies
Director of the Film Studies Program

Joined Connecticut College: 2007

B.S., Ithaca College
M.A., New York University
Ph.D., Northwestern University, Department of Radio-Television-Film, Women's Studies Certificate Program

• Feminist film and cultural studies • The impact of film and TV on feminist discourses

Nina Martin is the director of the film studies program at Connecticut College.

Among the courses she teaches are Introduction to Film Study: How to Read a Film and Studies in Authorship: Women Directors.

She serves on the editorial board of The Journal of Film and Video and The Velvet Light Trap. She has served as referee for Cinema Journal, Sexualities, and Sexuality and Culture.

Nina Martin is the author of Sexy Thrills: Undressing the Erotic Thriller.

She previously taught at Ithaca College, Northwestern University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Emory University.

Visit the film studies program website.

Majoring in Film Studies.