Our goal is to support outstanding students who could not otherwise afford to attend Connecticut College. If you qualify for financial aid, you and your family could pay less than you might at a school with much lower tuition and fees.

You may calculate your expected family contribution and corresponding aid package by using this Net Price Calculator.

At Connecticut College, there are no hidden costs. Whether or not you receive financial aid, you'll have access to the very same programs and opportunities. The amount of aid is based on your demonstrated financial need. Our highest-need students receive the majority of their aid in the form of grants that do not have to be repaid.

Part of your financial aid award may be in the form of loans or a work-study job. If you meet certain financial criteria, the loan portion of your financial aid will be reduced or eliminated.

Financial Aid Facts

52% of enrolled Connecticut College students receive aid
$37+ million in financial aid awarded in 2014-2015
88% of our financial aid is in grants that do not have to be repaid
$38,225 is our average financial aid award

Warning, Alerts and Scams

We feel strongly that no family should pay a fee to apply for financial aid. Learn more