The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is for the entire College community and provides academic support services for all students so that they may reach their maximum academic potential. Although the primary goal is to assist students in becoming more efficient and effective learners, the ARC is available to all who wish to improve their academic skills and ability to learn. 

Missions and Objectives

Students make appointments to discuss specific issues at the Academic Resource Center at Connecticut College

The goals and objectives for the ARC are to:

  • bring together and expand programs for effective learning through a model that invites thoughtful, curious, and engaged participation
  • collaborate with faculty to help drive teaching styles and methods, advising and academic assistance, and to help them respond more effectively to the individual learning needs of all students, making them the best learners possible
  • maintain a model that reflects and encourages sustained and meaningful connection among and between students and faculty
  • provide and promote a comprehensive and integrated network of services that supports the academic mission of the College and facilitates student learning, engagement, and success
  • provide a place to foster growth of existing programs that will contribute to student skill development.


Adjusting to 7.5 week classes?  Adjusting to remote learning? Adjusting to a college schedule?

Contact the ARC to set up an appointment with a Learning Specialist.