The Best of Liberal Arts

At Connecticut College, you learn to write, communicate and solve real-world problems while also developing specialized skills in your major.  You take classes in different disciplines and learn to draw important connections between the sciences, social sciences, humanities and the arts. You develop diverse perspectives through language study and international experiences. And you are part of an intellectual community grounded in a tradition of mutual trust and academic collaboration.

9:1 student to faculty ratio
18 students on average per class
93% of our 180 full-time professors hold a doctorate or equivalent

Local and Global Engagement

Through challenging coursework and integrated learning experiences, you learn how to make contributions to today’s interconnected world. You develop an appreciation for and understanding of cultural differences, the ability to consider diverse perspectives and the necessary skills to effect change in your communities.

Internships and Community Learning

Learn to solve real problems in the real world. At Connecticut College, you get $3,000 for an internship in the U.S. or abroad; it's no wonder 80 percent of our students do funded internships. The funding gives you the option of creating your own internship perfectly tailored to your interests and aspirations. In addition to internships, many students work in the region, and nearly two-thirds of students volunteer in the greater New London community. Service learning is also part of many courses, so you learn in – and from – the community.

Global Focus

55% of students study away
18% of students complete college-funded internships abroad
70 countries represented within the student body
11 languages offered