Connecticut College is proud to be entering its second decade as a partner with the Posse Scholars program and its Chicago site. For the last 10 years, our partnership has enabled us to bring some of the nation’s finest students and future leaders to our campus. Posse scholars have energized the College with their commitment to excellence, social justice, and innovation. They are scientists, artists, activists, and community builders. This last attribute is something that distinguishes Posse from any other scholarship program.

The genius of Posse is that it selects and develops a cohort of students from the same city who have prepared for nine months together before they arrive on campus in August. Each new Posse has internalized an ethic that says each individual’s success depends on the rest of the group, and that the greatest success is the success of the group as a whole rather than any one individual. They are literally “one for all, and all for one.”

This recipe is not simply a way to reach the finish line at graduation, but rather a mindset that they bring to the workplace and to their roles as community leaders and change makers for the rest of their lives. This spirit of community fits perfectly with Conn’s long history of an honor code and helps to explain why Posse and Conn are a perfect match.