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The Office of Study Away works to enhance the College’s mission through promoting carefully selected study away programs that encourage an understanding of international peoples, groups, cultures, languages, and global issues. 

When you study away, you examine global issues from a local perspective. Working with offices across the College, the staff in Study Away provide pre-departure programming to prepare students for their experience abroad as well as opportunities to debrief when they return. Over half of Connecticut College students study around the world through carefully selected College-approved study away programs, as well as through the College's own Study Away/Teach Away programs (SATA).

Whether you choose a SATA program, one of our exchange programs like our partnership with Ashesi University in Ghana, or from the wide selection of College-approved programs in dozens of countries, all programs are designed to meet the majority of students' academic and linguistic needs, and to provide them with an exceptional international experience. Students can begin planning for a study away experience during their sophomore year by using the suggested timelines.

In recognition of its outstanding and innovative efforts in campus internationalization, Connecticut College received the Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization from NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the world’s largest professional international education association.

Language is central to understanding a community’s history, values, and hopes, so we teach 11 languages in all. Students interested in studying away are encouraged to work with their faculty advisors and the staff of the Study Away office to select programs that connect to their formal language studies on campus.

For more information, read The Office of Study Away Guide Part I and The Office of Study Away Guide Part II.