Erik Oddsund headshot

Erik Oddsund

Connecticut College Senior, Class of 2022

Erik joined the lab officially the summer of 2021 and is continuing that research now in his senior year.  He is  working on an Honor's Thesis titled Identifying fossil species of the diatom Eunotia to unravel past climages and ancient lake conditions.

Emanuel Eagle headshot

Emanuel Eagle

Connecticut College Senior, Class of 2022

Emanuel joined the lab officially the summer of 2019 and is continuing that research now in his senior year.  He is  working on an Honor's Thesis titled Climate Trends in the Northeastern USA from 1960-2018.

Rick Canavan headshot

Rick Canavan

Connecticut College Class of 1993

Rick completed an Honor's Thesis that earned him the Oakes and Louise Ames Prize at his graduation in 1993. He received an MS in Soil Science from Cornell University (1996) and a PhD in Biogeochemistry from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He is currently working as an environmental consultant.


Ilana April headshot

Ilana April Pendrock

Connecticut College, Class of 2000

Ilana worked in the Laboratory from 1998 to 2000. Her honor's thesis was entitled "The paleolimnological reconstruction of Hamblin Pond, Barnstable, MA., U.S.A."  She received her M.A. in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education and a degree in Early Childhood Leadership. She teaches science to children in The Science and Nature Program at the American Museum of Natural History. 

Toby Ahrens headshot

Toby Ahrens

Connecticut College, Class of 1999

Toby worked in the laboratory from 1997 through 1999, and completed an Honor's Thesis which was revised for publication: Trophic conditions and water chemistry of lakes on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. Lake and Reservoir Management 16(4): 268-280.  Toby received his Ph.D from Stanford's Geological and Environmental Sciences and currently works as a Program Director at FocusMaine, founded to create jobs in Maine.

Nick Korenkiewicz

Nicholas Korenkiewicz


Mike Campagna

Michael Campagna


Retired Staff

Kevin Marshall

Kevin Marshall


Cindy Tosone

Cindy Tosone

Office Coordinator

Cindy joined the Arboretum staff in August 2019 and is responsible for the day-to-day operations in the office as well as the marketing and promotion of educational and membership events.  She manages the website, membership and the financial accounting for the department.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction.  Cindy is passionate about the great outdoors and looks forward to helping others enjoy the many benefits of the Arboretum.  

Nick McCarthy

Nicholas McCarthy


Mary Villa

Curator/ Information Resource Manager

Mary joined the Arboretum staff in July 2004 in the new position of curator/ information resource manager. Her duties include conducting inventories, evaluating plants and keeping maps and plant records up-to-date. She also manages the accessions database and the Arboretum library of books, periodicals, plans and images.

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Tom Nazarko

Tomas Nazarko


Maggie Redfern, Connecticut College Arboretum Assistant Director

Maggie Redfern

Assistant Director

Maggie joined the Arboretum staff in November 2014. Her primary responsibility is to coordinate the design and implementation of education programs for the College and community. She also leads tours, teaches classes and oversees the volunteer program. In 2020 Maggie worked with a group of community members to establish New London Trees, a non-profit organization with a mission to increase the city's tree population through community planting and care, education, and advocacy.

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Anne-Marie Lizarralde Headshot

Anne-Marie Lizarralde

Senior Research Scholar

Anne started working in the lab the summer after she graduated from Connecticut College as an Environmental Studies major in 1991, and then also received her Master’s degree in Botany in 1997. She has been working as a laboratory manager for the majority of her time in the Siver lab and her research focuses on the modern scaled chrysophytes along the Eastern coastline of the United States and Canada, as well as more recent work on fossil specimens from an Eocene lake from the Canadian Arctic.

Anne has co-authored numerous papers on scaled chrysophyte floras, has served as co-editor for the Proceedings Volume for the 2008 International Chrysophyte Symposium, supervised the summer research programs, and is responsible for continuing research on Dr. Siver’s NSF grants.

Glenn D. Dreyer

Charles and Sarah P. Becker ’27 Arboretum Director Emeritus

Glenn served as the first full time Arboretum director from 1988 to 2018. He oversaw all department functions including planning, land management, public education, collection curation, research, and fundraising. Mr. Dreyer reported to the Provost/Dean of the Faculty, and worked closely with faculty and students to facilitate the use of the Arboretum as an academic resource.

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Peter Siver in a canoe

Peter A. Siver

Charles and Sarah P. Becker ’27 Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies

Peter is the Director of the Program in Environmental Studies and Becker Professor of Botany at the College. He is a limnologist and phycologist, with expertise in paleolimnology, microscopy and statistics. Peter is especially known for his work with microscopic algae, especially the synurophytes, chrysophytes and diatoms, and his research spans numerous questions on the ecology, biogeography, phylogeny and evolutionary histories of these groups of organisms. In addition, he uses the remains of siliceous organisms to infer past conditions in lakes spanning time scales of hundreds to millions of years. He is an expert light and electron microscopist, and along with colleague Jan Hinsch has described a unique method of using incident light to vastly improve resolution with a light microscope. Peter has published over 3,500 micrographs and his images have graced the covers of BiosciencePalaiosJournal of PhycologyAmerican Journal of BotanyMolecular Ecology and Freshwater Biology. Several of his many videos on microbes have appeared on the television show Forensic Files, and on the movie Largest produced by NASA. He has nearly 160 publications with 65 student coauthors, has described 107 new algal genera and species, and has had another six named in his honor. Peter has taught phycology, limnology and environmental science to thousands of students, and earned numerous awards for teaching, research and service.