The Department of Computer Science instructs students in core fundamentals of the field and then builds on that knowledge with interesting and engaging upper-level courses followed by two semesters of required research overseen by a mentor in the department. Many majors explore interdisciplinary studies that intertwine wide-ranging areas of interest by drawing on academic expertise across the College.

Professors work individually with students and guide them through the process of writing their findings. Some students advance their research to a publishable level in peer reviewed publications and go on to present their research at conferences across the globe–a rare opportunity for undergraduates. The department nurtures students’ creative problem-solving skills in an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

Student research projects have included learning systems for robots, music tempo tracking, algorithm analysis and design, creation of avatars, mobile app development for a walking tours, and bioinformatics to study fish stock diversity.

Our facilities include specialty labs, such as a robotics lab with a colony space; a multimedia and digital signal processing lab; and a graphics and virtual reality lab with 3D trackers, a full-body motion capture system, large-scale 3D six-monitor display, wearable computing devices, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Students keep atop the latest developments in the industry through a strong alumni network. Alumni frequently connect students with career opportunities, and they often return to campus to help prepare students for interviews at technology firms.

Alumni have gone on to top graduate programs and careers in cutting-edge companies, including Amazon, Google, and Epic.