Lauren Anderson, Associate Professor of Education
Lauren Anderson, chair of the Education Department

As chair of the Education Department, it is my pleasure to welcome you to one of the original departments at Connecticut College.

Though the College was founded in 1911, its history began in 1909 when Wesleyan University announced that it would no longer offer admission to women. At the time, more women than ever were seeking higher education and demanding the right to vote. Elizabeth C. Wright, a Wesleyan alumna rose to the challenge by convincing others to explore the idea of establishing a new college. Thus, both the College and our department were founded in the spirit of equity and social justice.

As a department we take great pride in carrying forward and building on that tradition. We strongly believe that education is the heart of democracy, and that a critical discourse in education is crucial. Therefore, we look to a long list of teacher-intellectuals for inspiration: Paulo Freire, Maxine Greene, Peter McLaren, Michelle Fine, Antonia Darder, Joel Spring, Michael Apple, Marie Clay, Linda Thuwai Smith, Lisa Delpit, and Vine Deloria, among others.

At Connecticut College today, our work is about living up to their legacy by ensuring that we not only certify teachers, but also help to develop public intellectuals and ethical citizens. In so doing, we hold firm to the assertion that questions about education cannot be reduced to disciplinary parameters but must include issues of power, history, identity, and collective agency. As such, our curriculum and field experiences take shape in relation to the genuine needs of students, teachers, and communities.

While you many find answers to many of your questions as you tour our website, we encourage you to visit the department and to meet our faculty. To arrange an in-person or telephone conversation with our certification officer or any member of our department, please contact Donna Graham at (860) 439-2760 or to set up an appointment.

In closing, please remember: "Each one, teach one," because education should be a process that engages and develops us all, as both teachers and learners, together.


Lauren Anderson