Connecticut College is offering a special initiative of summer courses in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. These courses will be in an intensive five week session that runs from July 6th to August 7th.

Summer courses will be offered online via remote instruction, and will be taught in synchronous and asynchronous formats. We understand that this could be challenging for students who are in many different time zones across the world. Please review the course descriptions, and contact the professor for courses you are interested in and see what the expectations are.

Students may enroll in only one course. All courses will be graded. There will be no Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option available.

12 courses will be offered, but courses with low enrollments will be canceled on June 18, 2020. Courses must have a minimum of 10 students and will have a maximum of 20 seats. We recommend that you register as soon as registration opens if you are interested in a specific course. Students will be notified of courses that will not be held, and will be given the opportunity to select another course, based on availability.

Cost per course: $2500. Limited financial aid available.


Financial Aid

Registration Information 

  • June 1 – 3 Registration system opens at 12 noon ET
    • June 1 – class of ‘21
    • June 2 – class of ‘22
    • June 3 – class of ‘23
  • June 8 – Registration system closes at 12 noon ET  (by noon)
  • June 18 – Final roster of courses will be determined
  • July 6 – Summer classes begin
  • July 6 – July 9 – Add/Delete Period
  • July 10 – July 24 Course withdrawal period
  • August 7 – Summer classes end / Final Examinations

Payment, Financial Aid and Refund Policy

  • June 1 - Financial Aid portal opens
  • June 8 – Deadline to notify Financial Aid office of intent to apply for financial assistance
  • June 11 – Students will be notified of Financial Aid award
  • June 15 – Deadline for students to accept Financial Aid and confirm intention to enroll in summer session (by noon)
  • June 15 – 100% Payment due for all students minus Financial Aid award
  • June 22 - Deadline to drop the summer program and receive a full refund
  • June 23 – July 9 - Withdrawal period, $500 withdrawal penalty
  • July 10 - Withdrawals are no longer eligible for refund. This deadline is firm.


Course Registration Process:

Financial Aid:

General Questions: (Libby Friedman, Assistant Dean of the College for Connections)