Connecticut College has many time-honored events and traditions that bring the College community together and create lasting memories.

Batch Blast

A party given in August for first-year students. Funded by an anonymous gift in honor of Esther Batchelder '19, the Blast often includes picnics, comedy acts, hypnotists, improv groups, open mics and other social events.

Athletic Camel image Camel Mascot

Connecticut College athletes became "Camels" in 1969, when the College went co-ed. Mike Shinault, a former Navy officer, volunteered to coach the new men's basketball team and the players demanded a mascot. Shinault recalled a team named the "Camels" during his Navy days in Pakistan and suggested it to the team. It was a hit and has come to represent Connecticut College student athletes of all sports. Called "a proud new symbol of Camel athletics," the new camel mascot was unveiled on Founders Day, 2010.


A social event in which residence houses compete with each other in different activities. This event bolsters school spirit and is just pure fun!


A true community celebration of achievement, on the College Green, with featured student and guest speakers. A traditional picnic luncheon follows for all who attend. There are several Commencement traditions.

Eclipse Weekend

Begun in 1975, Eclipse is a diverse student club dedicated to organizing a spring weekend full of events such as dinners, dances and a standing-room-only talent show.

Fall Weekend

Show your parents, family and friends the sights on campus, take them to a soccer game on Harkness Green, and introduce them to your roommate(s). Meet alumni who return to enjoy the festivities. See the Fall Weekend website.


Taking its name from a well known Seinfeld episode, Festivus is Connecticut College's annual non-denominational holiday party. Each residence house hosts its own Festivus party, all culminating in a Festivus dance in the College Center at Crozier-Williams, known as "Cro."


A day-long student spring festival in May. There are bands and lots of dancing in the Shain Library Amphitheater. It's one of the best parties of the year!

Founders Day

The College's birthday, Founders Day, is celebrated on April 5, the date in 1911 on which the College’s original charter was signed by the Connecticut Secretary of State. (The Connecticut State Assembly approved the charter on April 4 to Thames College. The name was changed a few months later to Connecticut College for Women.) The College celebrated its Centennial on April 5, 2011.


An outdoor carnival/festival with food and entertainment, usually held in conjunction with Fall Weekend.

Laurel Chain

At Commencement, junior class women and men dressed in white carry chains of laurel through which the graduating seniors march.

Pine Sapling

Connecticut College graduates are presented with Eastern White Pine saplings which they carry as they march at Commencement.

Connecticut College graduates are presented with Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) saplings which they carry as they march at Commencement. The sapling represents the tree on the College seal and symbolizes each student's continuing connection to the College. This tradition began with the Class of 1993, and was made possible thanks to the generosity of Athena Tsakanikas-Philippides '86. In 2012 Ms. Tsakanikas endowed the Konstantinos T. Tsakanikas Memorial Fund, ensuring that the saplings will remain a Connecticut College tradition in perpetuity.

Student Activities Fair

If you want to become involved in a club, organization or campus activity, visit the Student Activities Fair held in Cro in early September to learn about all the things to do on campus - and in the community.

Volunteer Fair

More than 30 community service agencies gather in Cro at the beginning of the semester. Learn more about opportunities to become involved in the local community.