Community engagement is at the heart of Conn

Connecticut College is woven into the fiber of the New London region, so you will play an integral role in making it a better place. More than 500 Conn students connect with the local community annually through the Holleran Center. More than 70 percent of a graduating class will have participated in community learning activities. 

Community engagement touches all parts of the Conn experience, including:

  • Course work: 11 academic departments offer courses that involve community-learning components. Local engagement also plays a major role in the new Connections curriculum.

  • InternshipsArts, economics, education, health and wellness—you are connected with opportunities in nearly every sector. 
  • Community service: You are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and creative in your community-learning pursuits. Work with one of our many partner organizations, join one of the College's student-run programs or start your own community engagement initiative.

  • Work study: The Holleran Center offers the most work-study positions at the College. We encourage you to consider participating in this valuable financial aid program that also gives you real experience in the community.

Holleran Center staff train student leaders to provide additional and ongoing support to all interns and volunteers, and we work to maintain strong relationships with community leaders to ensure that our partners’ priorities are addressed and that all students have a valuable learning experience.

Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy

You should also consider applying to the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy. One of the College’s five centers for interdisciplinary scholarship, the Holleran Center advances teaching, learning, research and community collaborations. The center’s Program in Community Action offers specialized coursework, a funded community internship and an in-depth senior research project to help you develop into an active and responsible citizen.

We provide transportation

Students work primarily with New London organizations only a few miles away. To help you get to your community placements, we have vans operated by student drivers to provide transportation to partner locations not already serviced through the methods recommended by Connecticut College Transportation.