A Few Writing Tips (inspired by Becker’s “One Right Way”)

  • There isn’t one right, perfect way to write a piece, or to begin it, or to organize All you need is one pretty good way to get you started. If (ok, when) difficulties arise, they can be handled in revision.
  • Revision is a crucial part of the writing process, not something to be ashamed of or to avoid. One of the main things distinguishing experienced writers from beginners is that the former are willing to revise
  • You may feel like you have an impossible number of ideas buzzing in your head, but if you begin writing you’ll see that the possibilities are actually finite—and therefore manageable!
  • Introductions are often weak, partly because they are just plain difficult to write, and partly because people are afraid to commit themselves, or to “give away” their argument. Don’t be afraid to commit! Also, try writing your intro last, or writing a rough intro without worrying about making it
  • It’s important to write a draft, to get your ideas down on paper, rather than endlessly ruminating about what you might Otherwise, you might forget your ideas! Also, getting the ideas in writing makes them easier to sort (partly by reducing the strain on “working memory”).
  • ***Writing is thinking, not something that happens “after the fact”!