We offer in-depth study and research opportunities in astronomy, behavioral neuroscience, bioinformatics, biological sciences, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, botany, chemistry, cognitive science, computer science, environmental sciences, mathematics, statistics and physics.

Science at Connecticut College is experimental, hands-on and high tech. As a science student, you work closely with professors who are top experts in their fields. You have many opportunities to conduct research with faculty or propose your own research project. You take classes with full professors and learn to make connections through interdisciplinary exploration.

The hallmarks of science education at Connecticut College are an emphasis on student-faculty research, an accomplished faculty focused on the undergraduate experience, and a collaborative environment that fosters innovation through interdisciplinary connections and first-rate facilities.

Today’s scientists are changing the landscape of innovation by collaborating across disciplines. For example, the use of computer systems is revolutionizing biological research, and experts in the life sciences, physical sciences and social sciences are teaming up to solve some of the biggest environmental issues of our time. Here, you learn to draw important connections within and between disciplines.

Approximately one in five Connecticut College students majors in the sciences, and our graduates excel in medical, graduate and Ph.D. programs and in science and other professional careers. They go on to become research scientists, doctors, professors, veterinarians, clinical researchers, ecologists, dentists, entrepreneurs, nurses, chemists, consultants, teachers, zoologists and engineers.


Our professors are top scientific scholars, teachers, mentors and partners in student-faculty research. As a student here, you have many opportunities to work closely with professors who are leading experts in their fields.


Student-faculty research is an integral part of the science programs at Connecticut College. You have opportunities to conduct research with faculty during the academic year and for in-depth research experiences during the summer. You can work with faculty on existing projects or design your own project in collaboration with a faculty adviser. Most of our science students engage in research, and in the last seven years, 113 students have co-authored published research papers with science faculty. Many more have presented at professional conferences across the U.S. and even internationally.

Going abroad

As a science student here, you are encouraged to take advantage of Connecticut College’s funded internship, funded research and study abroad opportunities. Some classes also include trips abroad, and you may have the opportunity to present your research at an international conference.

Science Leaders

Connecticut College offers a unique program designed to increase the number of women and underrepresented students graduating with a degree and research experience in the sciences.


Our fully equipped labs offer you the opportunity to learn current techniques and explore your areas of interest. A new science center for the life sciences and computer science was opened in 2012.