Student-Faculty Research

The sciences at Connecticut College offer you numerous opportunities for research on campus, in the local community and around the world.

Research is a priority for our faculty; our students often collaborate with their professors on research projects and co-author papers - even book chapters - with them. Connecticut College professors enjoy working with students and encourage their questions. This collegial approach guides student researchers and strengthens their results.

Projects can be tailored to the needs and interests of individual students; fellowships and grants are often available to help with expenses. You may spend the summer doing research with a faculty member on campus or in the field, like the students in this summer 2009 slide show, "Summer Science Research at Connecticut College." If so, you'll receive a stipend and free housing.

Meet some science students who have done research and received fellowships and scholarships.

Research opportunities

Here are some, certainly not all, of the opportunities for student-faculty research in the sciences:

The Keck Undergraduate Science Program (KUSP): KUSP supports undergraduate research. Supported by the W.M. Keck Foundation and the Marion Lowell Jenkins '25 Science Scholarship Fund, the program encourages students to undertake comprehensive research projects over a 14-month period. KUSP includes a paid summer stipend for research in science and mathematics with faculty and funds for supplies or travel.

Phillip T. Barnes Internship: A ten-week, full-time summer research experience working with Professor Phillip Barnes on research in genetics and evolution is open to students completing their sophomore or junior years who must be a science major with at least two years of biology and/or chemistry. The internship includes a stipend, plus free housing. The deadline to apply is April 1.

Additional opportunities in the biology department may be available contingent upon faculty research grants. For further information contact the biology department chair.

Pfizer Central Research: A winter internship in pharmaceutical chemistry is offered by Pfizer Central Research to qualifying junior or senior chemistry majors. This paid January internship consists of two full weeks working under the guidance of Pfizer scientists in their laboratories. Interested students should contact Professor Bruce Branchini, chemistry department, in October to apply.

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