In 2007, Connecticut College launched Science Leaders, a program to increase the number of women and underrepresented students graduating from the College with a degree and research experience in the sciences. The program prepares these students for a wide range of science-related careers and provides a solid foundation for graduate study or medical school. 

See the Science Leaders Program Fact Sheet (pdf).

The Science Leaders program is designed to foster a passion for science through applied research and close association with faculty and other science students and prepare students for careers in the sciences through close faculty mentoring, hands-on research and internship opportunities. Students enrolled in the program at Connecticut College receive additional mentoring and support, career preparation and counseling and assistance applying to graduate and medical school. They also complete an intensive first-year seminar with other Science Leaders.

All prospective science majors at Connecticut College who are U.S. citizens and who qualify for need-based financial aid are eligible for the program, but admission priority is given to students who are economically disadvantaged, students of color, students with disabilities, first-generation college students and women in mathematics, physics and computer science.

Prospective students who are excellent candidates and fit the criteria may be nominated by the Admission staff and the faculty during the application review process.

Joseph Schroeder, associate professof of psychology and director of the behavioral neuroscience program, leads the program. As part of the program, faculty and students work to increase interest in science among high school students by team-teaching at partnership high schools, presenting at science summer camps and volunteering through new and existing community outreach programs at local schools.

Science Leaders is funded by The National Science Foundation; The Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation; The Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc., whose funding established the Hoffman Scholars Fund that provides scholarships to Science Leader students; The Petit Family Foundation.