About Us

The Connecticut College Arboretum provides a welcome connection with the natural world, offering opportunities for

  • teaching
  • research
  • conservation
  • recreation
  • public education

The Arboretum Buck Lodge in Autumn.
Photo by A. Vincent Scarano
Including the campus itself, the Arboretum encompasses approximately 750 acres of preserved open space in southeastern Connecticut. Once a farm surrounded by woodlands, the Arboretum offers visitors a chance to explore a diverse collection of natives and botanicals, to view a performance by Flock Theater, or to just simply wander and enjoy the beauty of this precious natural resource.

Come visit in person and online, check out the many tours and programs conducted throughout the year and learn more about what the Connecticut College Arboretum has to offer!

Contact Information:
Email arbor@conncoll.edu
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Box 5201
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