Sophomore Year

In the sophomore year, students take full ownership of their education by choosing a Pathway (for sophomores who matriculated in Fall 2016 or later), applying to an Academic Center, applying to Study Away and selecting the major. Students select a Pathway or apply to a center in their first semester of the sophomore year and select a major by the end of March, in the second semester. Ideally, students should complete all General Education requirements (for sophomores matriculated before Fall 2016) or Connections requirements (for sophomores matriculated in Fall 2016 or later) by the end of their sophomore year. 


Carmela Patton

Associate Dean of the College, Dean of Sophomores, International Student Adviser

As Associate Dean of the College/Dean of Sophomores, Carmela Patton is responsible for working directly with sophomore students and for developing programming that helps sophomores strengthen their connections with the College while helping them prepare to select a major, apply to the College's academic centers and move successfully into their upper-class years.

As the International Student Adviser, Patton works with international students during all four undergraduate years. In collaboration with the dean of first-year students and the dean of juniors and seniors, she assists in creating a successful undergraduate experience for international students.

Dean Patton earned her Laurea Degree from the University of Bari, Italy, and her master's degree in Italian studies from the University of Connecticut. She joined Connecticut College in 2007 as the international student adviser. She started her position as Dean of Sophomores in 2012. Dean Patton is a native speaker of Italian and enjoys teaching courses on Italian language and culture.

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