The Connecticut College Department of Anthropology maintains several archaeological laboratories at the basement level of Winthrop Hall. Archaeological anthropology almost always entails the sorting, cataloging, recordation, and analysis of materials in a laboratory environment. Our archaeology curriculum is designed to provide students opportunities to train in these laboratory protocol and procedures as well as to pursue lab-based research projects with our faculty. Anthropology courses that include laboratory components include ANT 102, 202, 393, 390, 406, and 482. Our labs include equipment for training students in GIS, data visualization, and digital presentation.

Our facilities include:

Paleoanthropology and Zooarchaeology Lab

The "Paleo Lab" houses an impressive collection of fossil hominin casts as well as an ever-growing assemblage of vertebrate and invertebrate comparative animal specimens.  In this space, students apply methods for reconstructing hominin behavior and lifeways through the physical analysis of hominin crania. 

Middle-Range Archaeological Research Lab

This lab is largely dedicated to ethnoarchaeological and experimental student-faculty research. To date much of this research has focused on modern material culture, taphonomy, and site formation processes. Current or recent projects include an ethnoarchaeological study of smoking and identity in New London, the circumstances by which thermally altered rock is generated by ancient cooking practices, and the ways that ancient earthen house floors are identified in the archaeological record.

North American Archaeological Research Lab

The North American Lab houses a variety of comparative collections and reference materials for student training in lithic analysis, seriation, and materials identification. Current projects in this lab include a study of Indigenous household economy prior to and following the arrival of Europeans in the Pacific Northwest.

Archaeology Wet Lab & Workshop

Our Wet Lab and Workshop spaces are designed to support projects in both the Middle-Range and North American Research Labs.