Investing in Our Future

Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Connecticut College has adapted virtually all of its practices to continue providing a superb education to our talented students. Your support of Conn during the current health crisis is more important than ever. With your help, we can continue to provide vital resources to our exceptional faculty and students and sustain the College we hold near and dear. Your contribution will have a profound impact during these challenging times as we move forward as one Conn family. 


Opportunities for Charitable Giving in Recent Legislation

End of December 2020 coronavirus stimulus legislation provides several considerations for donors to Connecticut College. Namely, two provisions from the CARES Act have been extended through 2021:

A charitable deduction for non-itemizers. In 2021, a $300 deduction for individuals and $600 for couples filing jointly is allowed for charitable contributions.

Higher deduction limit. The new stimulus act has extended the 100% charitable deduction allowance for gifts of cash through 2021.

CARES Act Change: A contribution from your IRA. Waived in 2020 but reinstated in 2021, if you are aged 70½ or older, you may authorize your IRA administrator to transfer up to $100,000 per year (cumulatively) to one or more qualifying charities. The amount you transfer will not be added to your taxable income, and it will count towards your mandatory distribution requirement. 

* As always, check with your advisors regarding specifics for your situation.


Give your time

Our volunteers play a critical role in the continued success of the College. Hundreds of dedicated Camels donate time to the College annually by helping with events, mentoring students and talking with classmates about gifts as a class gift officer. As a volunteer, you can keep your classmates up to date on what’s happening at Conn; talk with them about supporting the College; plan events in your area or on campus; network with current students; or serve as a leader on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.