To most Americans, Italy is known for its art, fashion, design, films, opera, food, charming locations and controversial politics. But we in the Italian department at Connecticut College will urge you as a student of Italian to go beyond that which is already known and ask:

  • What are the complex and distinctive elements shaping Italy today in this age of globalization?
  • What were these complex and distinctive elements in recent and distant periods of Italian history?
  • What is an Italian language? Is there more than one?
  • What do we mean by Italian literature and culture in a transnational and interdisciplinary context?

Building upon Connecticut College's strong core of international studies and a liberal arts tradition, our department asks Italian studies students to probe these questions by introducing a wide range of topics together with solid linguistic tools and different theoretical approaches. Learn more about the Italian Studies major.

Our goal is to refine your critical appreciation of Italian viewpoints compared with those of other cultures so that you will be prepared to become either an informed professional or a perceptive scholar in a world that is becoming more and more interrelated.

The Italian department is currently in expansion and transformation. We have added new faculty, including a linguist who brings a practical approach to the use of the Italian language,  and upper-level courses in recent years to respond to increased student enrollment and interest in the Italian Studies major

View the College Catalog for the requirements for the major and minor in Italian Studies.