Our Italian department offers a unique balance of language through culture in the lower division courses, and of literature, film and cultural history through various critical and theoretical approaches in the upper division courses. We blend innovative and traditional trends, so that you are able to choose what suits you best.

  • Professor Pace focuses on how medieval and early modern texts grapple with different ideas about the body through literary, medical, and philosophical discourses, and in his classes he shows how many medieval elements are still alive in pop culture.
  • Professor Sica's major emphasis is the integration of global literature, culture and film into the study of specific Italian modern and contemporary trends, as she is particularly intrigued by phenomena of translation and transculturation.
  • Professor Morelli's specialization in the teaching of Italian as a second language, linguistics and technology offers you a great opportunity to learn Italian through culture with the latest innovative methods.

In our Italian courses we encourage students to follow their own passions, but to adhere to a pragmatic plan. Through the years, our students have combined an interest in Italian culture with interests including film, art, art history, architecture, fashion, design, culinary traditions, literature, linguistics, music, international politics, economics, history, sociology, gender studies, religion and anthropology. They have also integrated their study of Italian at the College by attending thriving interdisciplinary programs abroad and internships at prestigious institutions in Italy.

Our department, in fact, requires Italian majors to spend their junior year or semester in Italy. Under special circumstances, it may approve an Italian summer program in Italy or another country.

Here is a sampling of courses in Italian Studies. View the College Catalog for full Italian Studies major/minor requirements, course listings and descriptions.

  • ITL 406: The Culture of Modernity
  • ITL 317: Contemporary Italian Film and Literature
  • ITL 260: Attualita' in Italia: conversazione (Italian current events: Conversation)
  • ITL 250: Italian in the workplace