The CCSRE supports modes of teaching, research, and artistic expression that underscore the importance of critical theory and practice (praxis) in the academy and public life. It provides the institutional structure, resources, and expertise necessary for initiating and sustaining critical and intersectional examinations of race, ethnicity, and social difference (e.g. gender, class, sexuality, indigeneity) in community, national, and global contexts. The Center is also a space of action and organizing, engaging forms of knowledge production that aligns with broader social and political projects that strengthen communities and contribute to the development of more just societies.

  • Teach curricula that is reflective of the global reach of critical theory and the study of race, ethnicity and social difference
  • Support the development of curricular offerings across all fields and disciplines, that advance the mission of the Center
  • Produce and promote research/scholarship/artistic work through new and enhanced networks of scholars and artists
  • Collaborate with other centers and programs nationally and internationally that focus on the critical study of race and ethnicity
  • Serve as a locus of political action, organizing, and community building
  • Enhance public discourse through the development of public intellectuals
Signature Events and Programs
  • CCSRE Bookshelf/Salon
  • CTL/CCSRE workshops
  • Divisional partnerships
  • Public scholars workshops
  • Campus-wide grant making
Certificate Program

Our Certificate Program offers students from every major an opportunity to undertake sustained critical study of race and ethnicity. The certificate program is based on six principles: reciprocity, continuity, community, reflexivity, resistance, and scholarly engagement. The certificate is designed to create an interdisciplinary environment for theoretically informed study and praxis. The certificate program also institutionalizes the efforts of scholars and students involved in the Center.