The CCSRE certificate program offers students from every major an opportunity to undertake sustained critical study of race and ethnicity. The certificate program is based on six principles: reciprocity, continuity, community, reflexivity, resistance, and scholarly engagement. The certificate is designed to create an interdisciplinary environment for theoretically informed study and praxis. The certificate program also institutionalizes the efforts of scholars and students involved in the Center.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Certificate Program
1. Defining the major theoretical themes in the critical study of race and ethnicity and social difference.
2. Writing, thinking, and communicating about the political, social, and economic dynamics of race and ethnicity in global, national, and local contexts.
3. Analyzing social movements organized around justice and liberation.
4. Exploring the intersectional relationship between race and ethnicity, and other categories of social difference such as gender, class, citizenship, sexual orientation, ability, and religion.
5. Understanding how power and structural inequality shapes subjectivity, identity, development of self, and varied forms of lived experiences.
6. Reinforcing all of the above at CCSRE-sponsored events.


2023/2024 Important Dates

August 30th, 4:15pm, 1941 Rm: Sophomore Fair

September 13th, 4:15-5:30pm, Ernst: CCSRE Info Session

October 12:  Center Applications due 

October 30: Center Acceptances and Notifications will be sent out

November 2: All-College Symposium