Due to COVID-19 concerns, departments, centers and the career office are adapting their regular guidelines for summer internships, fellowships, language study, and research experiences at Conn, including funding. For details and to learn more about remote opportunities, please contact each individual program.

The mission of the Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA) is to educate students to become culturally sensitive, socially engaged, politically informed leaders, and to give them the skills to succeed in a globalized world.
The world is increasingly interconnected, and higher education must prepare students to meet the challenges of our rapidly evolving world. Students in all disciplines benefit academically, professionally, and personally from gaining international perspectives, as well as the ability to work effectively across cultures.
Distinctive and academically challenging, CISLA supports students who want to internationalize any major through intensive language study, internationally-focused coursework, a funded international internship, and a senior integrative research project.