Seniors: Class of 2019

Upon completion of their summer internship experiences, CISLA seniors return to campus to begin the final phases of the program. In their CISLA class, IS401: New Perspectives on Modern Global Society, they share their thoughts and experiences of being abroad, and reflect upon the personal discoveries they have made during their CISLA journeys.

Senior year is also when the CISLA scholar integrates his or her major, coursework, research, and internship experience into the Senior Integrative Project (SIP) in the form of an honors thesis or an independent study project.

Finally, the seniors must pass an oral proficiency examination in their foreign language of study. Upon successful completion of all of the CISLA requirements, they will be awarded CISLA certification at graduation.

Juniors: Class of 2020

The CISLA juniors generally scatter to the four corners of the globe. CISLA both allows and strongly encourages students to participate in semester or year-long study abroad programs in their regions of interest, and the vast majority of CISLA students choose to do so.

Students are challenged during their junior year by continuing to develop ideas and research for their proposed Senior Integrative Projects and by working closely with the Internship Coordinator to successfully locate organizations of interest and secure a relevant internship position.

While on campus as juniors, students continue to take courses in their chosen "CISLA Language" and prepare for the cultural, linguistic and geographical differences they will encounter as international visitors.

Sophomores: Class of 2021

Newly admitted scholars begin their CISLA journey in the spring semester of sophomore year in the gateway course, IS 201: Perspectives on Modern Global Society.  In IS 201, students consider an array of international issues through the lens of the three CISLA questions and begin to develop the theoretical framework and international perspectives that will guide their CISLA experience.

Sophomores hone their interests for their Senior Integrative Project and work with the Internship Coordinator to develop an internship contact list, a targeted resume, and cover letters.