Our program blends traditional concepts and modern ideas. You gain a broad perspective on the nations and peoples of the region, including their language, literature, history, government and rich cultural heritage. Drawing on the College's extensive resources, you explore East Asia's economic and geopolitical realities, ethnic and cultural identities, and contemporary social issues. You’ll develop a global viewpoint and a keen awareness of what's happening in East Asia today.

Make the most of your experience

The study of languages and cultures is, by nature, interdisciplinary. You can get the most out of your academic experience by combining your interest in East Asia with a Pathway, a certificate from one of the College's interdisciplinary centers or a second major. Students in East Asian studies have chosen second majors such as international relations, economics or history. If you have an interest in art, you can work with our collection of Chinese paintings or Japanese prints and woodcuts. To sharpen your Chinese and Japanese language skills, you can teach at the Regional Multicultural Magnet School in New London.

We'll take you there

We offer ample opportunities to study abroad or complete internships in other countries. Students have researched the role of women in corporate Japan, worked in an elementary school in Yunnan Province and learned about traditional Chinese medicine in a Beijing hospital. If traveling isn’t your thing, we’ll bring East Asia to you. Explore the Pacific Rim through an Asian film series, celebrate the Lunar New Year, enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or try your hand at taiko drumming. You can also join the department's advisory board and be active with the College's organization for Asian and Asian-American students.

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