Major in film studies at Connecticut College and you learn theory and scholarship, gain practical film production skills and produce your own creative work. As a budding film scholar, you are asked to critically analyze the moving image in many forms, including documentary, Hollywood and national cinema, avant-garde and experimental film, and television. Production classes will give you the technical training and stylistic devices to author your own creative projects. It is a unique and comprehensive approach to the field.

Special opportunities

Students often combine their interest in film studies with another discipline. You can frame your major through the lenses of dance, literary adaptation, theater, social movements and politics, and more. Some students earn a certificate from one of the College's academic centers in areas such as arts and technology or international studies. You’re also encouraged to study abroad for a semester or a year. Many of the most successful productions at the College have been inspired by students' experiences and observations studying in countries such as India, Spain and Costa Rica.


Our production courses use HD video equipment. While enrolled in upper-level production courses, you have access to an array of professional cinema lights, a professional dolly with track, a 12-foot crane, camera gimbals, Glidecams and shoulder-mount rigs, wireless audio kits and 16mm film cameras. Editing labs are accessible 24/7. We have 10 iMacs with Adobe Creative Cloud and various audio recording/ mixing software.

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