Healthy and competitive financial markets and institutions are essential in spreading opportunity and fighting poverty. Because of their role in financing new ideas, financial markets fuel the process of “creative destruction,” whereby old ideas and organizations are constantly challenged and replaced by new, better ones. Without vibrant, innovative financial markets, economies would invariably ossify and decline.

In the United States, constant financial innovation creates new instruments to channel capital to people with daring ideas while managing risks. While commonplace here, the situation in developing countries is quite different: people find it difficult to get access to even a few dollars of financing, which would give them freedom to earn an independent and fulfilling living.

The finance minor helps you to understand the role and power of financial markets and institutions in facilitating new ideas and opportunities and economic growth. Also, you will have a better understanding of the key factors – the production and distribution of information, and time value of money and risk management that contribute to the rapid changes in the structure of financial markets and institutions that generate financial innovations and crashes. 

Special Opportunities

The student-run Peggotty Investment Club provides members with practical education and hands-on experience in financial asset pricing. They analyze the profitability of various companies, manage portfolio holdings and monitor macroeconomic conditions as they manage part of the College's endowment. 

Global Opportunities

You will have multiple opportunities to study abroad, including the College’s own Study Away Teach Away program, which takes an entire class and one or two professors abroad for a semester. 

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