The Museum Studies Certificate Program consists of four components:

1. A foundation course: AHI 280/ANT 279: Introduction to Museum Studies.

2. Two elective courses selected from (but not limited to) the following: 

  • ANT 112: CC-Material Legacies
  • AHI 246: Nineteenth-Century Art
  • AHI 260: Early Twentieth-Century Art
  • AHI 281/ANT 281: Current Issues in Museum Studies
  • AHI 283/EDU 283: Museum Education
  • AHI 284: House Museums
  • AHI 286: Museum Theater
  • ANT 330: Anthropology of Tourism
  • AHI 455: Exhibiting Visual Art in the Digital Age
  • AHI 456: Museum Projects

3. A summer or semester internship at a museum, gallery, historical society, or related organization. The internship must be approved by the Director of Museum Studies.

4. Senior integrative project: an independent or collaborative project undertaken in AHI 496: Museum Studies Senior Project. The project is created with the guidance of a faculty member in one's major and the Director of Museum Studies. The project might involve designing and implementing an exhibition, developing interactive computer software or a museum website, producing an educational outreach program, or writing a research essay on some aspect of museums or museology.