Q: When can I visit?

A: Anytime, but the best time to visit is between April and November. See the Visit section.

Q: I am coming to campus but wasn't planning to interview. Does it make a difference?

A: The opportunity for us to have a personal interaction with you always makes a difference. Interviews are strongly recommended. Please come prepared to talk about Connecticut College and anything else that interests you. We would much rather converse enthusiastically about what you want to talk about than to have to fall back on tired questions about your favorite class, favorite teacher, the weather at home, etc.

Please spend some time on this website reading about the College so that you have questions for us. Come with a story to tell. We really want to learn about you. We will do everything possible to accommodate your request for an interview no matter where you are calling from.

You should not interview, however, if you are doing it because your parents or counselor are making you. This lack of personal motivation and genuine interest in the College is often evident. See the Interviews section for more information, to schedule an interview and get helpful interview tips.

Q: Are you open on the weekends?

A: Our office is open on selected Saturdays in April and July through mid-December. Please call or check the admission calendar before you come.

Q: How do I get to campus?

A: Visit the Directions page for directions and a downloadable campus map.

Q: When are the campus tours and information sessions, and do I need an appointment?

A: Times vary during the year but are always updated on the admission calendar. While registration prior to your arrival is not required, we do encourage you to do so. The tour and group information sessions each last about an hour. Both leave from Horizon Admission Building.

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Q: How convenient is it for me to visit Conn on my college tour?

A: Conn is located on the Connecticut shoreline, about a 2-hour drive from both Boston and New York. It’s a very desirable and convenient destination for those doing a spring, summer, or fall college tour in the Northeast.

Q: Are overnight visits possible?

A: The Office of Admission coordinates overnight stays for admitted students only. Prospective students are welcome to make their own arrangements to stay with a current student they may know. 

Q: How do I set up an alumni interview if I cannot get to campus?

A: Alumni interviews are made available as an alternative to the on-campus interview. Learn more about interviews.