Fall Open Houses
Oct. 10 and Nov. 7

We're hosting two open houses this fall so you can tour our beautiful arboretum campus, learn all about our personalized education, meet our supportive community and hear about the many ways we prepare students for successful, fulfilling lives!

Following is a schedule for the day. (The alphanumerics in parentheses after a location refer to its position on our campus map.)

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oct. 10

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nov. 7


 8-9:10 AM  


Pick up your packet of information, have a little breakfast snack and plan out your day!

The Athey Center at Palmer Auditorium (D3)

 9:15-9:45 AM 


Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Andy Strickler, President Katherine Bergeron and Austin Robertson '23 kick off the day with a warm Camel welcome!

The Athey Center at Palmer Auditorium (D3)

10-11 AM

Connections Curriculum: Putting the Liberal Arts into Action

Connections, our unique approach to the liberal arts, personalizes your education to make it more meaningful to you. Learn how it works and how it prepares you to adapt in this ever-changing world.

Evans Hall, Cummings Arts Center (D3)

Arboretum Tour

The 750-acre Connecticut College Arboretum serves as a living laboratory for environmental research and teaching ... and is just a beautiful, calming place to visit. Join us for a tour of the 20-acre Native Plant Collection.

Departs from Castle Court (D3)

11:10 AM-12:10 PM

Career Preparation, Professional Development and Internships

Conn’s career advising program works: Around 95% of our alumni are employed or in graduate school within one year of graduating. The program starts in your First-Year Seminar, continues for four years and includes funding for career-related experiences like internships. Hear all about it from our career program staff and current students!

Evans Hall, Cummings Arts Center (D3)


Scope out our state-of-the-art science center and other science facilities with the faculty who teach in them, including those from the departments of biology, botany, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, neuroscience and physics.

Tours will depart from various locations. Check the printed schedule in your packet.

Campus Tour

Departs from the Cummings Arts Center patio (D3)

12:20-1:20 PM

The First-Year Experience

At Conn, we make sure the transition to college is smooth. Key first-year staff will detail the many ways Conn welcomes new students, including extensive support during that all-important first year. Current students will also share their experiences and ways to get involved on campus.

Evans Hall, Cummings Arts Center (D3)

Arts Tour

The arts are vital in our Camel community, in ways both experiential and intellectual. See the spaces devoted to the arts and hear from members of the departments of music, studio art, dance and theater.

Music and Studio Art tours begin from Cummings Arts Center Salon (D3); Theater tour departs from Castle Court (D3); Dance tour begins in the lobby of College Center at Crozier-Williams (G2)

Sustainability Tour

Conn was sustainable before sustainability was as vital as it is now. See the many sustainability initiatives on campus and learn how you can help make the world a better place through education, action and advocacy.

Tour departs from bike rack on Cummings patio overlooking Castle Court (D3)

Campus Tour

Departs from the Cummings Arts Center patio (D3)

 1:20 PM

Cupcakes, Camel Cookies and Counselors

This is your chance to try some of our favorite desserts and ask questions of our all-knowing admission counselors! They'll even share their recommendations if you're looking for a place to have lunch.

Cummings Arts Center lobby and patio (D3) 

1:45-2:45 PM

Bonus Campus Tour!

We added a final campus tour for those who couldn't make an earlier option. Take a cupcake with you!

Departs from the Cummings Arts Center patio (D3)

A Word About Food
We usually treat our guests to lunch, but we're still cautious about hosting large meal services. So we will offer snacks at various times during Fall Open House. You can also visit one of our campus coffee shops, which have limited menus; Harris Refectory, our largest dining hall; or one of the area restaurants listed in your registration packet.

This schedule is subject to change. Let's face it: Everything is subject to change these days!