We host a variety of events on campus throughout the year, which offer opportunities to get to know us and see our beautiful campus.

Camel Days

Camel Days, held in the spring, are designed to help admitted and wait-listed students get better acquainted with Connecticut College and all it has to offer. You'll meet a wide variety of our community members who can give you the inside scoop and answer your questions.

Diversity Days

New in 2022, this virtual program will explain the support and resources available to students at Conn with disabilities or the desire to improve some academic skills; from underrepresented backgrounds; and who are exploring their values and beliefs.


Explore is a fall program for high school seniors from underrepresented groups and those committed to issues of diversity. You’ll get a sneak peek at a challenging liberal arts environment and learn about campus resources for students of color.

Fall Open Houses

Fall Open Houses include a variety of events hosted by admission staff, faculty and current students so that you can gain insight into what it means to be a student at Conn.

Social Justice Days

We host Social Justice Days for students for students eager to expand their social justice knowledge and learn how Conn encourages our students to make the world more equitable.

Spring Open Houses for High School Students

Spring Open House is designed to introduce high school students and their parents to Connecticut College and the college admission process. You'll meet faculty and students, hear from admission staff and attend  presentations highlighting distinctive areas of the College.