Fifty Years Later: If Not Now, When?

No one is born prejudiced. Color blindness is a trap. Advantages are often invisible.

Ellen Hofheimer Bettmann '66 P'91 has learned many lessons in her distinguished career as a leader in the fields of anti-bias education and cultural diversity. From her days as a counselor at a College summer camp for urban high school girls in the 1960s to a turn as the national director of training and resources at the Anti-Defamation League, Bettmann has tried to combat prejudice and discrimination in our education system during five decades in the anti-bias arena.

During Reunion 2016, Bettmann gave the keynote address, "Fifty Years Later: If Not Now, When," at the annual Sykes Society Luncheon, detailing what she's learned in her career, and how education and race intersect today.

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July 7, 2016