You social life at Connecticut College revolves around a vibrant residential experience, stimulating intellectual exchanges outside of the classroom, the ability to connect with others who share your ideas and numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills. No matter what your interests, we have something for you, with more than 80 active clubs and club sports on campus. Whether it’s a cappella, Rugby, improv comedy, student government—you craft the community you want by getting involved in what really matters to you. 

Buzzing with activity

There’s always something happening at Conn. Enjoy a concert in Harkness Chapel, watch your friends perform student-choreographed dance pieces, or attend a lecture or discussion and learn about everything from how gene editing is changing the world to what’s next after “Brexit.” Grab some chai with friends in Coffee Grounds or find a cozy spot to study in one of our many other student spaces. Yearly campus traditions, like the Floralia music festival and Fall Weekend, bring the entire College community together.

Lead the way

One of the founding principles of Connecticut College is shared governance, which means students play an important role in the decision-making process at the College. Students serve with faculty, staff and administrators on nearly all College committees and boards, helping to set strategic priorities and allocate budgets. Campus clubs are student-run, and housefellows, floor governors and members of house councils oversee nearly every aspect of life in the residence houses. 

Here, you will see firsthand how the best decisions emerge when people who couldn’t be more different are invested in making each other smarter and making good ideas stronger.

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Engagement and New Student Programs aims to strengthen the student experience and foster a culture of campus of engagement by cultivating student leadership, creating opportunities for students to connect with their peers, and developing dynamic social and learning experiences.