Our Mission

Race and Ethnicity Programs (REP) at Unity House is a multicultural center that contributes to the educational mission of the College by providing leadership and support in the College's commitment to diversity and multiculturalism. REP is a part of the Division of Equity and Inclusion.  

Our mission is to empower underrepresented college students through mentoring and culturally relevant programming. We support our students on their journey to academic and personal growth by providing holistic advising. To create an additional layer of support, we collaborate with various offices and departments to foster campus-wide awareness and open dialogues on diversity issues.

Our mission allows us to serve three distinct constituencies:

  1. Underrepresented students: We provide academic, cultural and personal support to students of color, first generation, low-income and other underrepresented students on campus, while helping them develop intellectual, social, and leadership skills.
  2. The larger campus student body: We collaborate with other college departments and offices to educate the larger student body on issues of diversity and multiculturalism.
  3. Faculty, staff, and alumni: We provide support for and collaborate with staff, faculty, and alumni of color.